Friday, April 15, 2016

Dead Time

I am assuming you know that I am in our office as I am writing this post. *winks*
Do you experience having this hour of the day when you were so productive then suddenly boom! you just don't wanna move. Exactly what's happening to me at this point in time. I am writing to keep my mind awake and processing. You know my love for writing (though writing doesn't love me back) But if you know me well, you would know that I write enthusiastically the most when I am feeling happy, sad, excited, angry... yeah! quite during extreme emotions!

Nothing so important to write.
The feeling is hmm never mind.
You may call it a pastime,
but this keeps me in my right mind.

Today, the drive is lost.
Yet I am writing this post.
'Cause this is what this little heart of mine propose.
That's why it's not that hard to compose

It's for you to decide whether what emotion controls me right now.