Sunday, December 15, 2013


Recently I had experienced life's unexpected turn-of-event, I think it would be great to share the lessons I earned from this situation. A person close to me once said that committing mistake is not bad, for you have gained experience and knowledge but listening to others' experiences gives you wisdom without the need to undergo pain and failure.
I've thought about it many times and come up with the following: It is NOT wrong to love someone truthfully but be sure not to make him the center of your life, please please spare for yourself. This is to prevent you from being devastated. If you have made him your world, how are you going start again if "your world" is gone. It is okay to 'give' but never forget that you also need to know when to 'take back'. Efforts and love should be reciprocated. Submitting and being over-controlled are two different things. Do's and don'ts must be logical. Know your worth and never lose it. Keep in mind that every woman deserves to be respected, be treated like a princess and be taken good care of. Learn to say no. Hold on to your values. As you love him more, remember to love yourself the most. Lastly and importantly, ask for His guidance.