Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OPEN LETTER CHALLENGE-A letter to a celebrity I like

To the hot mommah in showbizness (Jennylyn Mercado),

     Since the day you joined Starstruck up to the day you became the 'ultimate survivor' and 'till you have built a name and make an impact in the business, I am really into supporting you. Like you, I as well have giggled in every relationship you entered and sobered when bitter endings come.
    I may not yet see you face to face but I've watched you live in the studio of Party Pilipinas.You're really stunning! Each time you enter the stage strengthens my eagerness to come near you and just stare you closely with amusement. But as what a shy girl does and to properly behave because a lot of bouncers were there, I calmed myself.
    I won't forget the day when I saw you for the first time. We were both invited in one of the events in South Cotabato, that was 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it is Ara Mina whom we have the same scheduled performance. The moment we arrived at the GenSan Airport was also the time of your departure. Blessed enough, I noticed you as you come across even what I saw is just a half of your face. And we rode the same van that took you to the mentioned airport.
    From your fashion sense, looks, to personality, you are indeed a bright star! I admire how you cope with problems and stand strong after all. I love how you smile sweetly even I know you still carry the scars of yesterday. I am glad that you're happy in your current relationship. I know Luis will give you the proper care a fragile woman ought to have.
     I am looking forward to meeting you someday. Don't worry I won't harm you or anything. I will only offer you a smile since I am certain that I will be very much awe-stricken to the point that simple "Hello" would be hard to utter.
   I pray you all the best and happiness. Continue to shine. God bless you!

The lady who loves you,
Joyce Lauren

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