Sunday, December 15, 2013


Recently I had experienced life's unexpected turn-of-event, I think it would be great to share the lessons I earned from this situation. A person close to me once said that committing mistake is not bad, for you have gained experience and knowledge but listening to others' experiences gives you wisdom without the need to undergo pain and failure.
I've thought about it many times and come up with the following: It is NOT wrong to love someone truthfully but be sure not to make him the center of your life, please please spare for yourself. This is to prevent you from being devastated. If you have made him your world, how are you going start again if "your world" is gone. It is okay to 'give' but never forget that you also need to know when to 'take back'. Efforts and love should be reciprocated. Submitting and being over-controlled are two different things. Do's and don'ts must be logical. Know your worth and never lose it. Keep in mind that every woman deserves to be respected, be treated like a princess and be taken good care of. Learn to say no. Hold on to your values. As you love him more, remember to love yourself the most. Lastly and importantly, ask for His guidance.

Monday, October 28, 2013


To you not-so-perfect-man,

I hope I get to meet you before my timetabled marrying age comes. I hope you will love me for who I am, what I can do and what I can give. I hope you are the one who would make me believe that I am truly beautiful, that I am worth of your admiration, worth all your efforts. I hope you will love me despite my countless imperfections, incredible mood swings...  regardless of my past. I hope you will love me not only in my best days but also in my worst. I hope you will always patiently understand me. I hope you won’t cage me-you will just let me be. I hope you won’t stop me from doing the things I love and wishing to do. I hope you won’t create barriers with my friends. I hope you will love them too. I hope you will draw me closer to God and to my family. I hope you will  bring out the best in me. I hope you will kiss my worries and fears away. I hope you're someone I can trust. I hope you will be honest with me... Always always honest with me. I hope you will still pursue me even if you already got my "yes". I hope you won’t give me the reason to get jealous. Make me feel secure. I hope you will give me the most genuine and sweetest smile. I hope I am your priority. Your only woman. Your only love. The one you cherish. The one you can be proud of.
I hope I get to meet your standards.
I hope to gain respect; please honor me,
Make me feel I am the lucky one.

P.S I hope I did not gave you a demanding impression. And I will try harder to do the same.

-Weird hopeless-romantic woman (YUCK!)
  Joyce Lauren

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mommah and Honey I Want To Be...

First on the list is more likely predictable. Hello! I’ll be the hottest mommah, a wifey who maintains her figure (I’m crossing my fingers). Probably a working mom but doesn't forget her most important job-to take care of her family and be there constantly. Let us say a woman who commits her full time and attention even if it means waking at 4:30am to prepare breakfast, coming home early for dinner, and staying up late at night but surely fulfilled her duties as a mom and wife.
More likely, a mom/wife whom they can confide everything with. Yes, I’ll be you number  1 best friend (Whether you like it or you like it. YES! NO CHOICE! *chuckles*) I’ll be the coolest and most understanding woman in your lives but hey hon/babies, mommah won’t tolerate your inexcusable deeds. I should take responsibility in what you should become(Yes! You are included, Daddy!). We will be a God-centered family.
I will make sure that there is something you will happily look back in every special occasions. We will discover things together. We will create and share candid happy moments. I will be the best chef in town. BUT (READ CAREFULLY) eating together especially during dinner is the condition I wouldn't want to be taken for granted. It’ll be our bonding and sharing time.
I must say, I can be your dance partner, videoke buddy, movie date or simply your stage mother and your proud better half. I’ll be the source of your happiness. The person who brings glow in your heart. A woman who gives you inspiration. And someone whose bad vibes counterpart; your forever brighter side. I will love you on your best days and never less on your worsts.
Through the help of God, we will stay bonded and guided. I will love you equally and wholeheartedly.

The hardworking woman of your lives,

Friday, October 4, 2013

I Can Do More!

     Looking back and comparing all the things happened and happening to me. Finally, I’m seeing a big difference. I was once a girl who’s afraid to go to a private school due to my poor communication skill especially when obliged to speak in English. If I was just brave enough to enroll in that high performing secondary school, more likely I am not a CLSU alumnus. I think I’ll take the risk of  studying in Manila (I even let the chance to take the admission exam at CSB-DLSU and apply for their scholarship program passed). Oh well CLSU contributed  a lot to who I am now and my Alma mater is just as good as other Uni’s in Manila.
     I remember, it was the end of the second semester during my freshman year. It’s the time where you have to think of the course that you’re gonna pursue. From elementary to high school, Education is on my first list. Then thought of taking Development Communication but  knowing my possible classmates made me back off. And also I have gauged that speaking in front of others was tough for me. Yes, I am that self-doubting. And I let others affect me. I ended up taking Psychology and enjoyed it. Doing a lot of researches improved my writing skill. And it’s crazy to deeply understand the way people think, react and behave (in a positive way). Now I’m more open to any kind of situation and people (including ignoring annoying people and being more patient with them). That’s what we do. Deal and listen to people.
     For the past years I let my fears rule over me. I have always been afraid. Afraid to go out alone, address what I feel, live independently, try new things, deal with changes, take the path I want. My lack of confidence and trust in my ability restrained me to the things I love doing. My fears and inferiority complex took away my opportunity to enjoy life.  Now  I want to be brave. Be brave enough to stand for what I believe would benefit me. Taking chances isn't bad. After all there’s no harm in trying. It’s better to tell yourself “better luck next time” than having “what if's?” and  “If only's” in mind.  As for every unsuccessful attempt comes a fruit of experience. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nang minsang lumabas ang kacornyhan...

Sa aking future hubby,

Nais ko sanang malaman mong mahal kita at yan ay totoo, malamang sa malamang hindi kita pakakasalan kung hindi -I’ll choose love over practicality, oo mahal/babe/honey/MOO/YO/daddy, hopeless romantic ang iyong maybahay. Pipilitin kong ang bawat araw na kasama mo ko ay siya ring mga pinakamasasayang araw ng buhay mo. Pagsisilbihan kita, ipagluluto at patuloy na aalagaan. Palagay ko kikiligin ako araw-araw. Wag ka sanang matakot sakin kung mahuli mo akong nakangiti habang nakatitig sayo, palagay ko hindi lang talaga ko makapaniwala na ang tulad mo ang katuwang ko, alam kong pambihira ang iyong mga katangian.
Haharapin natin ang lahat ng magkasama at asahan mong sa bawat bagay na gusto mong gawin ako ay iyong kasama. Magjogging, magpagupit, manood ng basketball o kahit na action movies pa yan. Huwag sana natin gawing dahilan ang pagiging mag-asawa upang paghigpitan ang bawat isa sa mga bagay na gusto natin gawin. Nung naging mag-asawa tayo hindi dun tinanggal ang karapatan na gawin natin ang mga bagay na magpapasaya at magpapaunlad sa ating sarili, ayaw ko rin namang isipin mong hawak ko na ang buhay mo. Pero syempre alam kong hindi mawawala  ang maraming tampuhan at di pagkakaunawaan, sana lagi mong isipin na hindi solusyon ang hiwalayan. Maaayos din ang lahat, pag-uusapan natin yan. Pero may dapat kang tandaaan, tahimik lang ako pag may sama ng loob o medyo nagtatampo, hayaan mo lang ako, wag mo kong piliting magsalita. Tabihan mo lang ako at maya maya ayos na ko, masasabi ko rin ang dahilan ng pagkakaganito ko. Marami rin tayong madidiskubre na maaari nating ikagulat. Isa na dyan ang oily kong mukha tuwing umaga. Ang pagkahilig ko kay Tinkerbell at sa mga fairytales. Alam ko sa pagkakataong ito hindi na lingid sayo ang matagal kong pagtingin sa salamin. Hindi ko alam kung kaya kong umutot sa harap mo, dumighay siguro pwede pa? Hindi ko naman alam kung naghihilik ba ko, pero sigurado akong hindi ako malikot matulog-yakapin mo na lang ako para mas sigurado.;) Ilan yan sa mga kelangan nating tanggapin ng maluwat.
Hindi ko alam kung kaya kong panatiliing laging nakapustura pero sana sa panahong BMW(Bilbil Mo Walo) na ko, [hindi naman siguro ko mag-aamoy lupa] at marami ng hindi kaiga-igayang linya sa mukha, nawa’y maalala mong minsan akong naging pinakamaganda sa paningin mo. Sana wag mo ipagpilitang ipabelo ako, sayang ang pera. HAHA Ayos lang sakin na humanga ka sa iba basta sa puso mo dapat ako lang ay nag-iisa.
Sana’y wag mong kakalimutan na iba ang samahan pag napapanatili ang pagiging magkaibigan gayon din ang pagiging bukas sa lahat ng bagay. Sabay nating gagawin ang mga gawaing bahay, mas masaya kasi kung ganun. Sana kahit anong mangyari kaming pamilya mo ang uunahin mo. Alam ko namang magiging mabuti tayong magulang at gagawin natin ang lahat maging maganda lang ang kinabukasan ng ating magiging anak. 
           Hiling ko lang, ayain mo pa rin sana kong lumabas paminsan-minsan, masarap rin kasi sa pakiramdam yung para pa rin tayong nagliligawan sa kabila ng pagkakaroon natin ng dalawa o tatlong anak. Hayaan mong masuka sa sweetness natin ang iba. Wag mo rin kakalimutan na kahit kelan hindi mawawalan ng epekto sa babae ang pampakilig na sulat, rosas at tsokolate. Pero minsan lang naman yang mga yan, ayoko namang magdemand sayo dahil makasama lang kita at maging masaya tayo, kontento na ko.
          Syempre ang pinakamahalaga, magsisimba tayo palagi. Palalakihin natin ang mga anak natin na may takot sa Diyos. Sa bawat desisyon at mga alituntunin sa bahay kelangan nakaayon sa kagustuhan ng Maykapal. Wag nating kakalimutan na habang mas napapalapit tayo sa Kanya, gayon din ang nangyayari sa atin.
          Ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko na, inintindihin kita, susuportahan, mamahalin at aalagaan ng paulit-ulit. Magkasama tayong lalago sa ating buhay ispirituwal, buhay mag-asawa pati na rin indibidwal. Bubuo tayo ng isang masayang pamilya. Hindi mo pagsisihang ako ang pinili mo. J
Kinikilig na wifey mo,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sa ika-apat na taon

Sa mahigit apat na taon nating buhay pag-ibig,
Alam kong walang sino man ang dadaig.
Ating ginawang sentro and pagmamahalan,
At walang ibang boss kundi ang Diyos lamang.

Anuman ang hinarap na ‘di pagkakaintindihan,
Kailan ma’y di naging opsyon ang hiwalayan.
Sa mga napagtagumpayang nakakalokang away,
Kaakibat ay kasiyahang walang kapantay.

Nais ko sanang ang relasyong ito’y patuloy na lumago,
Nang ating matalo ang mga istorya sa Disney o ang sabi nga nila’y sa lola at lolo.
E ano naman kung tayo’y maging kulubot, walang ngipin at amoy lupa?
Mahalaga’y may matamis na ngiti sa mukha hanggang sa pagtanda. 

Some sort of poetry

It's originally posted here (my FB acct)

You’ve been there for me since day one.
You have loved me more than anything, more than anyone.
You have made me feel special,
And let me know that I am indeed fragile.
You’ve treated me like a princess,
And loved me limitless.
So who am I to ask for more?
You alone is I’m thankful for.

Thank you for showing who you are and for sharing what you have. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you. I'm here to support you. You know that.


Friday, May 10, 2013

To whom I owe all that I am and hope to be...

 Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. –Stevie Wonder
To the most wonderful and beautiful mom,

I know you feel sorry because your physical ability is now limited, your orientation is in a bit of confusion and your memory is not as sharp as before. But I’m telling you, you shouldn’t mom:) In my eyes you’re still the best and the coolest mom! The simple fact that you’re with us is something I am thankful for-it’s priceless mom! All the things you’ve done are still appreciated-your immeasurable sacrifices, unconditional love and incomparable care.
Just have a request ma, please be patient. I’m still in the process of pursuing our dreams. In the meantime, I want you to help me. Help me by helping yourself to recover faster-exercise more! Nasan na ung willpower? Yung eagerness? You have to, because you’re my source of strength. I know you’re a fighter mom ‘cause you’ve raised one!
I may have plenty of friends and relatives but I will never have another mom. Thank you for loving me more than my capabilities and beyond my shortcomings. I love you too, supermom! Always have, always will. Happy Mothers Day!

Your gratified daughter, 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I know what you're thinking, the title and the image doesn't complement each other. Then go, read the post  and find out their connection. ;')
   This post should be something that is really really special and a memorable one. Why? Because this is going to be the last post I'll make here in our division-yes, today's my last day here. 
   Last month, our division chief talked to me. She disclosed a great news. She  told me that I am on the preference list for other position, well, a higher position. They asked me if I wanna give it a try since they're considering me. (My heart jumped when I heard the news, it's indeed a great one right? naging in denial pa nga ako I tried and obviously, I was the blessed-chosen one.
   Now it's really official. My heart's melting because I really enjoy being here, being with the most witty yet intellectual people. My 9 months of working with them is really the experience I am thankful for. They are all thoughtful. I had a hard time at first (blame it on the adjustment process) but I must admit when I became accustomed and got comfortable with the work and my workmates, every working day is a fun-filled day. I really enjoy exchanging conversations with them, aside from they can make me laugh, I'm gaining knowledge as well. This is probably my close to dream work setting.
   Today, again, I'm having a hard time but this time, it's because I'm leaving the division and workmates I fell in love with. I'm calming myself since this isn't going to be a goodbye. In fact, I will be just a building away. I'll still be seeing them. I know I shouldn't feel bad, I should be happy (of course, I am), it's the beginning of better things that will come along. I'm truly blessed. I can now exclaim that I am a PHilMech employee. Hard work pays off especially if you're in God's side.

Let me end this post by sharing this:

With God on your side, you cannot possibly lose. He can supernaturally turn your dreams into reality.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God heals and provides; He does great things!

Yes, I'm in the mood of making a note!

My mom had a mild stroke last December 18 which is the cause of her hemiplegia (paralysis of half of the body; leg, arm and trunk).  During that situation, I am certain that we are not yet ready for a life without our mom though something inside me says "Do not worry, she'll get better". I prayed ceaselessly because I know my God won't turn me down. What happened to my mom proved us how blessed  we are for having a kind-hearted and thoughtful mom. A lot of people prayed, visited and helped her. She really made good friends. We were also blessed because we got to celebrate new year at our house although we spent our Christmas at the hospital. Well, celebrating Christmas there didn't made me feel sad. What's important for me is  we are complete, we have each other, we knew we have a lot to count on, we experienced the goodness of God and that's the true meaning of Christmas. 

-This has been in my drafts (in tumblr) for a year, I guess. (I only get the chance to edit and post it today tapos baka mgtampo pa tumblr followers ko dahil late na nga nirepost ko pa dito) My mom is still in her recovery process. She now can walk but still needs our assistance in doing other things. 

Seeing my mom inside an intensive care unit, almost lifeless is the worst nightmare I don't wanna happen again -We almost lost her. This instance made me love her more, appreciate her efforts and value the privilege to be with her and take care of her. Now, her capabilities maybe limited but her presence is enough for us to keep going and be inspired. 

Believe me, you wouldn't want to have regrets when the time comes that everything is too late and what you have are just "what ifs&if onlys"  and you cannot do anything to change it. You can have plenty of friends and relatives but you'll never have another mom. In our lives we are only given one mother who will do everything for us and who will love us more than our capabilities and beyond our shortcomings. So, tell your mom you love her , show her!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Blessed Lady

I know not all of you know that I came from a broken family. My father  left us almost 7 years ago. That particular event wounded our heart and of course, the scar is still there.
                We’re all affected with what had happened in different ways. My sister took the responsibility to work for us though she should be enjoying her salary in buying what she wants instead of saving it for our bills and needs. My brother quit schooling and never had the thought to go back. My mom once become devastated and almost lost her mind due to finding ways to contact our father.  And I, planted anger in my heart and promised myself that I will make everything to make my father regret what he has done to us.
                Since Filipinos are known for being resilient, we bounced back and somehow get over with what happened though the issue was still sensitive for us. I have lots of questions in my mind which I tried asking my father but none of them were answered. As we stand strong, we learned not to focus on the most difficult crisis a family could face. We witnessed God’s faithfulness and the fulfillment of His promise. He never left us. He blessed us more and made our hearts braver. He sparkled us the hopes we need to face tomorrow. He touched others heart which made the absence of my father became the window for others to show their love and concern for us.
                Now, I already finished college, currently working and still, I don’t have the father whom I can share this milestone. But I am no longer sorry about it because I  am certain that a lot of people are proud of my accomplishments. They believed in me. They took care of me. They loved me-enough reason to stay with us. I lose one man in my life but God blessed me with countless gentlemen in my life. And they're all the reason behind my happiness and gratefulness(aside from my mom).
              Remember, you always have a choice. You can take the path of a wasted soul and be rebellious OR let it inspire you, stand strong, and tell the world nothing can knock you and your dreams down. Life is a matter of perspective.  It’s okay to feel bad but don’t forget to take a step closer to your dreams as you feel God’s glory.
Yes, I’m blessed to be surrounded by loving, caring and thoughtful people.