Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God heals and provides; He does great things!

Yes, I'm in the mood of making a note!

My mom had a mild stroke last December 18 which is the cause of her hemiplegia (paralysis of half of the body; leg, arm and trunk).  During that situation, I am certain that we are not yet ready for a life without our mom though something inside me says "Do not worry, she'll get better". I prayed ceaselessly because I know my God won't turn me down. What happened to my mom proved us how blessed  we are for having a kind-hearted and thoughtful mom. A lot of people prayed, visited and helped her. She really made good friends. We were also blessed because we got to celebrate new year at our house although we spent our Christmas at the hospital. Well, celebrating Christmas there didn't made me feel sad. What's important for me is  we are complete, we have each other, we knew we have a lot to count on, we experienced the goodness of God and that's the true meaning of Christmas. 

-This has been in my drafts (in tumblr) for a year, I guess. (I only get the chance to edit and post it today tapos baka mgtampo pa tumblr followers ko dahil late na nga nirepost ko pa dito) My mom is still in her recovery process. She now can walk but still needs our assistance in doing other things. 

Seeing my mom inside an intensive care unit, almost lifeless is the worst nightmare I don't wanna happen again -We almost lost her. This instance made me love her more, appreciate her efforts and value the privilege to be with her and take care of her. Now, her capabilities maybe limited but her presence is enough for us to keep going and be inspired. 

Believe me, you wouldn't want to have regrets when the time comes that everything is too late and what you have are just "what ifs&if onlys"  and you cannot do anything to change it. You can have plenty of friends and relatives but you'll never have another mom. In our lives we are only given one mother who will do everything for us and who will love us more than our capabilities and beyond our shortcomings. So, tell your mom you love her , show her!

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