Monday, October 28, 2013


To you not-so-perfect-man,

I hope I get to meet you before my timetabled marrying age comes. I hope you will love me for who I am, what I can do and what I can give. I hope you are the one who would make me believe that I am truly beautiful, that I am worth of your admiration, worth all your efforts. I hope you will love me despite my countless imperfections, incredible mood swings...  regardless of my past. I hope you will love me not only in my best days but also in my worst. I hope you will always patiently understand me. I hope you won’t cage me-you will just let me be. I hope you won’t stop me from doing the things I love and wishing to do. I hope you won’t create barriers with my friends. I hope you will love them too. I hope you will draw me closer to God and to my family. I hope you will  bring out the best in me. I hope you will kiss my worries and fears away. I hope you're someone I can trust. I hope you will be honest with me... Always always honest with me. I hope you will still pursue me even if you already got my "yes". I hope you won’t give me the reason to get jealous. Make me feel secure. I hope you will give me the most genuine and sweetest smile. I hope I am your priority. Your only woman. Your only love. The one you cherish. The one you can be proud of.
I hope I get to meet your standards.
I hope to gain respect; please honor me,
Make me feel I am the lucky one.

P.S I hope I did not gave you a demanding impression. And I will try harder to do the same.

-Weird hopeless-romantic woman (YUCK!)
  Joyce Lauren

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mommah and Honey I Want To Be...

First on the list is more likely predictable. Hello! I’ll be the hottest mommah, a wifey who maintains her figure (I’m crossing my fingers). Probably a working mom but doesn't forget her most important job-to take care of her family and be there constantly. Let us say a woman who commits her full time and attention even if it means waking at 4:30am to prepare breakfast, coming home early for dinner, and staying up late at night but surely fulfilled her duties as a mom and wife.
More likely, a mom/wife whom they can confide everything with. Yes, I’ll be you number  1 best friend (Whether you like it or you like it. YES! NO CHOICE! *chuckles*) I’ll be the coolest and most understanding woman in your lives but hey hon/babies, mommah won’t tolerate your inexcusable deeds. I should take responsibility in what you should become(Yes! You are included, Daddy!). We will be a God-centered family.
I will make sure that there is something you will happily look back in every special occasions. We will discover things together. We will create and share candid happy moments. I will be the best chef in town. BUT (READ CAREFULLY) eating together especially during dinner is the condition I wouldn't want to be taken for granted. It’ll be our bonding and sharing time.
I must say, I can be your dance partner, videoke buddy, movie date or simply your stage mother and your proud better half. I’ll be the source of your happiness. The person who brings glow in your heart. A woman who gives you inspiration. And someone whose bad vibes counterpart; your forever brighter side. I will love you on your best days and never less on your worsts.
Through the help of God, we will stay bonded and guided. I will love you equally and wholeheartedly.

The hardworking woman of your lives,

Friday, October 4, 2013

I Can Do More!

     Looking back and comparing all the things happened and happening to me. Finally, I’m seeing a big difference. I was once a girl who’s afraid to go to a private school due to my poor communication skill especially when obliged to speak in English. If I was just brave enough to enroll in that high performing secondary school, more likely I am not a CLSU alumnus. I think I’ll take the risk of  studying in Manila (I even let the chance to take the admission exam at CSB-DLSU and apply for their scholarship program passed). Oh well CLSU contributed  a lot to who I am now and my Alma mater is just as good as other Uni’s in Manila.
     I remember, it was the end of the second semester during my freshman year. It’s the time where you have to think of the course that you’re gonna pursue. From elementary to high school, Education is on my first list. Then thought of taking Development Communication but  knowing my possible classmates made me back off. And also I have gauged that speaking in front of others was tough for me. Yes, I am that self-doubting. And I let others affect me. I ended up taking Psychology and enjoyed it. Doing a lot of researches improved my writing skill. And it’s crazy to deeply understand the way people think, react and behave (in a positive way). Now I’m more open to any kind of situation and people (including ignoring annoying people and being more patient with them). That’s what we do. Deal and listen to people.
     For the past years I let my fears rule over me. I have always been afraid. Afraid to go out alone, address what I feel, live independently, try new things, deal with changes, take the path I want. My lack of confidence and trust in my ability restrained me to the things I love doing. My fears and inferiority complex took away my opportunity to enjoy life.  Now  I want to be brave. Be brave enough to stand for what I believe would benefit me. Taking chances isn't bad. After all there’s no harm in trying. It’s better to tell yourself “better luck next time” than having “what if's?” and  “If only's” in mind.  As for every unsuccessful attempt comes a fruit of experience.