Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OPEN LETTER CHALLENGE- A letter to myself as a child

2ND CHALLENGE, R-E-P-O-S-T-E-D! Again, originally, it was posted HERE  (11-11-2011)

Dear innocent-and-delicate ‘younger-past self’,

I always look back on you and how you lived your life. You were once filled with complete happiness and pure simplicity. You weren’t asking for too much then, yet things and some people hurt you. You’re not so aware of it ‘cause what you only want that time was a little of their attention and affection, and a bit of their care and respect. You were quickly moved by gladness and easily carried by sadness. You fascinatingly swayed with the sweetness of fantasy and understandingly jived with the bitterness of reality.
Since then, you’re not expressive and assertive which is the reason of your self pity-ness and tears, but I know it’s also the cause of your strength and perseverance. I won’t tell you that “I wish that you didn’t do such mistakes” because I do know how you faced it with courage and how it made meaning to your ‘present self’.
I want you to know that you did great, you achieved a lot, and you pleased yourself well. Thank you ‘cause you never fail to make me smile and I know whenever I’ll try to get back to the memories you made, YOU’LL STILL GIVE ME THIS KIND OF BODY CURVE—> :)

Smilingly reminicin’,
Your special-in-a-fragile-way ‘present self’

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