Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First of 2015

Good day, everyone! I arrived early at work today (Well actually, since the beginning of the year). I am quite confused... Confused in what should I do with my career. Looking for another job visits my thoughts. But I ain't have the courage to take that step. oh well, just help me pray regarding this matter.

About my plans for 2015, I want to go places. I want to see more of God's creation. I also wanna be fit. I wanna get back to my workout routines; bike more often and push myself to jog again aside from doing some stomach exercises. With regards to love life(uuuy! I know may interested dito. Chos!), if I will be given a partner this year, I'd be glad. If not, I am still happy. I always pray to God naman na I want Him to prepare me first. If He thinks I am now ready, then I will take care of it.  2015 is the year of hope, love, adventure and positivity for me! This year is going to be far  better than the last! Let's change our thinking. No excuses for 2015! :)