Thursday, December 15, 2016

Open Letter to Mr. Tarp

Dear Mr. Tarp,

I don't know if you were aware but you've been my crush since high school. I honestly don't know why? Siguro it's because of the dating that you have. Nalaman ko pang ang tindi ng humor mo. aaaaaayy!  Not to mention your dancing skills.  Pero may mas malalim pang dahilan ang open letter na ito. Ganito kasi 'yan. I was so happy when you congratulated me on facebook. Finally, you noticed me. Isang tarpaulin lang pala kailangan para mapansin mo ako ng kusa. Since then, we had constant communication. I was beginning to create in my mind something that isn't real. Sabi nga assuming na si 'te! We talked about serious matters but there was never about "US". So technically, umasa lang talaga ang lola mo! We went out once and I must say that's my best memory of you though you kept on checking the time. haha nanotice ko, bes! I was so nervous during that time. I didn't want to fail you. I didn't want to give you a wrong impression. Sadly, sometimes the more we stress over something that's when negative things are more likely to happen. We gradually lose communication. Though I kinda know the reason I still would like to ask you. Bakit? Pero syempre takot ako. We started wrong. The motive was misinterpreted.

Knowing you're in a relationship caused a slight pinch in my heart. Ikaw naman kasi paasa ka rin ng one-fourth. But I learned my lesson. I know na what to do and expect next time. Actually, that thought me not to expect unless it is clearly expressed. We often hear the saying "action speaks louder than words" but  there are some instances that you have to validate actions through words. You need to hear what it really means.

Thank you pa din I was given the chance to meet and get to know you behind the social media. Try kita patawarin. Jooooke! Syempre naman, kasalanan ko rin naman. 

So paano, hanggang dito na lang. :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Securing the Future

Many of us fail to save for the future. Oftentimes, we live in the moment and we forget to prepare for what tomorrow entails.

Listen guys. Listen. Totoong kaganapan ito. (on a side note, everything I write here are true of me) 

I've been working for 5 years and believe it or not, I have not save anything yet (AND I AM NOT PROUD OF IT). I was once this lady who has an exact allowance-just enough pamasahe and konting pangkain. Yet I used to save my baon for other necessary things. Opted to use my savings for school stuffs rather than asking my mom for extra money to cover school expenses. I also use them to buy clothes or what it is that I need. So my life as a schooler is technically not the pasarap-buhay type. But I am not complaining. I know I need to do that because what we have is sapat lang  and I love helping my mom. Plus, it was my choice. 

Fast forward to the day I started working and finally earning money. I got overwhelmed because I can now buy what I want. (But that's just on top of my household responsibility of course. What we're talking here are extra money.) I buy clothes, shoes and stuff I've been longing for. I know. I know. There's nothing wrong with that. But I become giddy that I become more concerned of wanting to get the things I can't have before. It's okay if it's paminsan-minsan, but if it becomes palagi and you don't need it, you gotta stop. It should serve as a reward. You don't always get a reward, right? If it becomes frequent and out of control. DEAR, THAT'S NOT GONNA BRING YOU GOOD. THAT'S SPLURGING. Take it from me. 

I was so thankful I got sick. Not actually thankful I got sick but the realization which I hope I was hit earlier. It taught me the lesson I refuse to see since then. I need to save for my future. I need it that when something unforeseen event happened, I am prepared. True enough- sometimes you know what to do, but you tend to wait for the situation to punch you in the face before you could actually practice it. Haaaay, buhay stubborn. 

So here I am now, making it right this time. Sharing you some tips that are working for me because I care. 

1. Write your 'fixed expenses'. This includes bills, groceries and other things you need to settle. 

2. Separate your 'fixed expenses',  the money you're gonna save, and what you're gonna budget for your daily NEEDS

3. Monitor your daily expenses. Write 'em down. Para may babalikan ka at pag-aaralan kung saan ka sumobra at nagkulang, bes.
Ayan, yang Jollibee ang magandang halimba ng unnecessary. HAHA Pero sabi ko naman magsave, 'di i-deprive ang sarili  (Nailusot ko b?? HAHA)
4.  Keep savings as savings. And open [another] bank account for your S.A.V.I.N.G.S which I'm gonna do on December. 


Don't say I didn't warn yah! :-) 

Joyce Lauren

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Late Night Feels x The Art of Music

One of the reasons why I resist staying late at night is it's when I get so much "feels". Feels about my life's current state, future endeavors, my under-construction-love-story, great time with friends and "sana" moments with my family as I listen to songs that hit me bone-deep. I usually listen to the ones with senseful lyrics but with great accompaniment of course.
“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” 
― Aldous HuxleyMusic at Night and Other Essays
Music gives me magic in a form of contemplation. While I plunge into the beauty of each songs, it allows me to  move in a world my imagination has created through melodies.I see future. I get to feel emotions that reality won't allow me. It uncovers my eyes to possibilities.
 “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ― Maya Angelou 
The beauty of music is that it explains what's deep down in you. And unconsciously, it's an outlet to what you are feeling. The reason why smiling and crying to a beautiful song gives you the same feeling... The same satisfaction. Music speaks to your soul and moves to your every being. Also the reason why I believe you can learn about a person through the songs he/she is listening to.
 “People haven't always been there for me but music always has.” 
― Taylor Swift
Leaving you with some of the songs I listen to.
1. Up & Up by Coldplay
2. Fix You by Coldplay
3. The Scientist by Coldplay
4. The  Last Time by Taylor Swift
5. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift
6. Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift
7. Night Changes by One Direction
8. History by One Direction
9. Perfect by One Direction
10. More Than This by One Direction
11. Youth by Troye Siva
12. Touch The Sky by Hillson
13. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
14. Better Place by Rachel Platten
15. When She Cries by Restless Heart
16. Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes
17. Closer by Chainsmokers
18. One Call Away by Charlie Puth
19. We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth
20. One Day by Matisyahu ft. Akon
21. Geronimo by Sheppard
22. Pompeii by Bastille
23. Kill 'em with Kindness by Selena Gomez
24. I Love You Always and Forever by Donna Lewis
25. Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill
26. All About Your Heart by Mindy Gledhill
27. All the Pennies by Mindy Gledhill
28. Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
29. Pusong Ligaw by Jericho Rosales
30. Lakambini by Ebe Dancel

I'll change it to a playlist as soon as I learn how to make it, :-)


Friday, April 15, 2016

Dead Time

I am assuming you know that I am in our office as I am writing this post. *winks*
Do you experience having this hour of the day when you were so productive then suddenly boom! you just don't wanna move. Exactly what's happening to me at this point in time. I am writing to keep my mind awake and processing. You know my love for writing (though writing doesn't love me back) But if you know me well, you would know that I write enthusiastically the most when I am feeling happy, sad, excited, angry... yeah! quite during extreme emotions!

Nothing so important to write.
The feeling is hmm never mind.
You may call it a pastime,
but this keeps me in my right mind.

Today, the drive is lost.
Yet I am writing this post.
'Cause this is what this little heart of mine propose.
That's why it's not that hard to compose

It's for you to decide whether what emotion controls me right now.