Sunday, April 30, 2017


A woman so calm like the ocean
Finds bliss in the littlest of things
Enjoying her solitude
Then you came
You tried to make your way into her world
And when she finally let you pass
There you are
Running away so fast
And now going back
To what she should be
Guarding her heart
And never let again the unsure
Enter her light


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Allied Botanical Corp. Sunflower Maze

We first visited Allied Botanical Corporation in 2010 or 2011. They only had vegetable farm then and I am not sure if the place was really open for the public or they only allowed us to have a tour because one of their staff is a friend of my cousin. When I heard about the Sunflower Farm, I thought they totally transformed it into a flower farm but learned today that it is just an added attraction. It is located in Tayug, Pangasinan. Its registration/entrance fee is PhP100 (PhP80 for persons with disability) and is open from 7:00am to 5:00pm.
The scenery going to Sunflower Farm surely won't bored you.
It was an spontaneous trip the reason why we travelled late. We arrived at 1:30pm. It's freakin' hot and we were greeted by a lot of people. The first thing I did was look for the registration booth. The booth is located inside the Allied's office. It's just across the farm. Once you have the ticket, syempre pwede ka na pumasok. 
You have to get your arm stamped before entering. It's their way of monitoring I think kung sino yung mga registered.
They have a lot of stamp designs :)
What to expect? (1) It is really scorching hot. Given that it's noon time, I still think the heat is insane.  As in masakit sa balat, bes. (2) There were a lot of people since it was already featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and we've seen a lot of blogs about it in social media. I honestly wish they would consider limiting the "tourists"(per day) because there were over 200 hundred people during our visit and so they could strictly conduct orientation. It's nice to know at least a lil background so that we would be going home with not just pretty photos but with additional knowledge as well. Two factors (1&2) contributed to why I did not enjoy the place that much. (3) But the flowers were really instagram-worthy. It's so hard to have a photo without photobomber though.

Should have taken a photo of the entrance so you'll have an idea of how many people were there.
(4)For the goers who would bring cars, expect a bit of hassle in going in and out of the place also in looking for a parking space. There are locals naman to guide you. (5)My apologies for I have said in my fb and ig post that there's nothing much to see. We didn't attempt to go to the maze because we can't stand the heat plus we have our mom (PWD) and a baby with us and because we've seen the vegetable farm before. (6) There are food stalls available in the place.
My nephew enjoyed playing with Upo

Is it worth it? I would say, sakto lang. Giving it a 3 out of 5. If you're the type who would travel 3hrs and up to visit the place I suggest, wag na, bes. We stayed for 30 mins lang. But if you would really do anything for your ig and the heat never bothered you anyway, go bes. And if you're like us na 1 hr and 30 mins lang ang travel time, pwede. The best time to visit should have been January to mid February I guess para full bloom ang flowers and malamig lamig ang panahon. (Tip for next year. Hehe)

Things you might want to consider:
1. As much as you want to take your babies, relatives with disabilities, elderly and the like with you, you might want to consider the weather and the situation. Kakayanin ba nila?
2. The clothes and make-up you wear. I saw a lot of people in full make-ups and in long sleeves and jackets. Those might add to your discomfort during your tour. Choose  breathable clothes and wear light make-up instead. You can still be trendy with those. 
3. You might want to apply sunscreen/sunblock :)
3. The flowers will start to wither on March 1. 

Will I come back? If there are new attractions to see, yes!

*Photos were hundred percent no filter. Taken using fujifiln X-A2

Saturday, January 28, 2017

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Things are not going well?  I am here to say...

Your friend/someone dear to you stopped talking to you for whatever reason it is. IT'S OKAY.
Overused as it may be, but it's true, not everyone is supposed to stay in your life. Some are meant to be just part of our memories. We sometimes meet people because there is something that we need to learn from them. It feels bad for sure but as we age we will be needing "quality friends" not "seasonal friends". We would want someone who would brace us as we face different seasons of our lives. We would want ourselves to be surrounded by people that are good for us.

You have not figured out yet what you wanted to do with your career/life. IT'S OKAY.
You are not the only person who have not figured out yet what to do with his career/life. Don't rush. Rushing might lead you to a wrong direction.
You want to try a lot of things? Go!There's no harm in trying. In time, I know you will find what's best for you. 

You haven't found the one for you. IT'S OKAY.
Love sees no age. Chances are God is still preparing you and so the one that's right for you. 
Get busy with your life. Hustle while you wait. The longer you wait, the more you'll value it when it is given to you.

You failed for so many times. IT'S OKAY.
I find it brave because that means you're still trying. I have heard a lot of success stories that started from failing. When you fail, you're getting a chance to do better the next try. Oftentimes, failing is a mark of a greater opportunity. So keep trying. You'll definitely make it.

And the list goes on...

In life, we don't have a hold on what is in-store for us. More so, the guarantee of always living a good life BUT we can always choose a good fight. Let me tell you this,  life is not always rainbows. Unfortunate things happen for us to value good times. For us to acknowledge that we can't do things alone.  That we need God. Call unto Him and these shall come to pass.

Head's up,lil warrior!  Keep fighting!