Monday, July 23, 2012

A simple but NOT an ordinary woman...

RE-POSTED!  originally, it was posted here My way of greeting my mom last last mother's day.

      I know a woman who still manage to survive, stay strong and keep positive in life no matter how hard it is being a mom. A woman who fills out every neglected responsibilities of her husband. A woman who never made her children feel unloved and incomplete. A woman whom should be called "the coolest mom in the world" not just because she have a good sense of humor but for being updated with the latest songs, being active in networking sites and being skilled with the different lingoes and new terms that have popped out- it's definitely not part of her responsibilities as a mom but she tried hard and did all of that because she wanted to get closer with her children.    
     Apart from listed above, this woman is also a true and loyal friend who’ll surely not tolerate your pathetic senseless actions but would definitely give credits for every right and good things made. A person who’ll make way to get in touch with her children’s friends or to whoever important person to them so that they’ll have good conversation with the same story during nighttime. An angel who can hide halo and wings to show off horn and tail if she thinks her children are being mistreated.  An understanding woman who forgives and forgets but makes sure you learn from your mistakes, A big fan who never gets tired in accompanying her child in every rehearsals and performances just to partake with her child’s success and to prove how proud she was.   
      I’m overweening to say that the woman I’m talking about is no other than my mom. I’m blessed enough to have in life a friend, a counselor, a teacher, a God’s daughter and evidently a wonderful mom who loves us purely, hooks us in her caring arms and brings glow in our life. 

My superwoman mom:)

-I'm really sorry for everything, for getting mad so often, for not getting your point  at times, and for not obeying you sometimes .I'm much thankful for you being our mom, you've done and sacrificed a lot for us. Thanks for not giving up on us. I and my siblings appreciate all your efforts. I'm aiming for the best because of you, you will always be the reason behind my accomplishments. WE Love you!

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