Friday, October 25, 2013

The Mommah and Honey I Want To Be...

First on the list is more likely predictable. Hello! I’ll be the hottest mommah, a wifey who maintains her figure (I’m crossing my fingers). Probably a working mom but doesn't forget her most important job-to take care of her family and be there constantly. Let us say a woman who commits her full time and attention even if it means waking at 4:30am to prepare breakfast, coming home early for dinner, and staying up late at night but surely fulfilled her duties as a mom and wife.
More likely, a mom/wife whom they can confide everything with. Yes, I’ll be you number  1 best friend (Whether you like it or you like it. YES! NO CHOICE! *chuckles*) I’ll be the coolest and most understanding woman in your lives but hey hon/babies, mommah won’t tolerate your inexcusable deeds. I should take responsibility in what you should become(Yes! You are included, Daddy!). We will be a God-centered family.
I will make sure that there is something you will happily look back in every special occasions. We will discover things together. We will create and share candid happy moments. I will be the best chef in town. BUT (READ CAREFULLY) eating together especially during dinner is the condition I wouldn't want to be taken for granted. It’ll be our bonding and sharing time.
I must say, I can be your dance partner, videoke buddy, movie date or simply your stage mother and your proud better half. I’ll be the source of your happiness. The person who brings glow in your heart. A woman who gives you inspiration. And someone whose bad vibes counterpart; your forever brighter side. I will love you on your best days and never less on your worsts.
Through the help of God, we will stay bonded and guided. I will love you equally and wholeheartedly.

The hardworking woman of your lives,

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