Monday, October 28, 2013


To you not-so-perfect-man,

I hope I get to meet you before my timetabled marrying age comes. I hope you will love me for who I am, what I can do and what I can give. I hope you are the one who would make me believe that I am truly beautiful, that I am worth of your admiration, worth all your efforts. I hope you will love me despite my countless imperfections, incredible mood swings...  regardless of my past. I hope you will love me not only in my best days but also in my worst. I hope you will always patiently understand me. I hope you won’t cage me-you will just let me be. I hope you won’t stop me from doing the things I love and wishing to do. I hope you won’t create barriers with my friends. I hope you will love them too. I hope you will draw me closer to God and to my family. I hope you will  bring out the best in me. I hope you will kiss my worries and fears away. I hope you're someone I can trust. I hope you will be honest with me... Always always honest with me. I hope you will still pursue me even if you already got my "yes". I hope you won’t give me the reason to get jealous. Make me feel secure. I hope you will give me the most genuine and sweetest smile. I hope I am your priority. Your only woman. Your only love. The one you cherish. The one you can be proud of.
I hope I get to meet your standards.
I hope to gain respect; please honor me,
Make me feel I am the lucky one.

P.S I hope I did not gave you a demanding impression. And I will try harder to do the same.

-Weird hopeless-romantic woman (YUCK!)
  Joyce Lauren

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