Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Blessed Lady

I know not all of you know that I came from a broken family. My father  left us almost 7 years ago. That particular event wounded our heart and of course, the scar is still there.
                We’re all affected with what had happened in different ways. My sister took the responsibility to work for us though she should be enjoying her salary in buying what she wants instead of saving it for our bills and needs. My brother quit schooling and never had the thought to go back. My mom once become devastated and almost lost her mind due to finding ways to contact our father.  And I, planted anger in my heart and promised myself that I will make everything to make my father regret what he has done to us.
                Since Filipinos are known for being resilient, we bounced back and somehow get over with what happened though the issue was still sensitive for us. I have lots of questions in my mind which I tried asking my father but none of them were answered. As we stand strong, we learned not to focus on the most difficult crisis a family could face. We witnessed God’s faithfulness and the fulfillment of His promise. He never left us. He blessed us more and made our hearts braver. He sparkled us the hopes we need to face tomorrow. He touched others heart which made the absence of my father became the window for others to show their love and concern for us.
                Now, I already finished college, currently working and still, I don’t have the father whom I can share this milestone. But I am no longer sorry about it because I  am certain that a lot of people are proud of my accomplishments. They believed in me. They took care of me. They loved me-enough reason to stay with us. I lose one man in my life but God blessed me with countless gentlemen in my life. And they're all the reason behind my happiness and gratefulness(aside from my mom).
              Remember, you always have a choice. You can take the path of a wasted soul and be rebellious OR let it inspire you, stand strong, and tell the world nothing can knock you and your dreams down. Life is a matter of perspective.  It’s okay to feel bad but don’t forget to take a step closer to your dreams as you feel God’s glory.
Yes, I’m blessed to be surrounded by loving, caring and thoughtful people.

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