Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OPEN LETTER CHALLENGE-A letter of my choice

In commemoration to my grandfather who passed away last July 28, 2010.

"A  grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. -Unknown"

Dearest great man/awesome grandpa,

    It's been 2 years since you come home to our Dad/King. So how was it? Are you enjoying their company? I know you do. If you're about to ask "How about us?" Well, things are quiet okay now but there are still times that pains are unbearable and tears are unstoppable.
   You often visit my thoughts and I can't help but smile. :) You are ONE of the reasonS why I didn't consider rebelliousness as the compensatory effect of having an absent biological father. Aside from your role as our grandfather, you've also taken the role of being our father. You laughed with us, got mad with us, and the most easy thing you do, SPOILED us. Being a certified spoiler is something that mostly grandparents are capable of and you have proven me that. From the things I need in school to the things I only want, you've turned them into reality; You've never shown us tightfistedness. You have been the Central Luzon State University's troubleshooter and I should know better why. Of all the times my playmates had tripped on me, my kuya and cousins made fun of me and mama's wrath had exploded, you're my  vindicator and protector. In my Alma mater, I was tagged as "Apo ni Ka Piling" which caused me immense pressure but I've got over it and soon realized it was a privilege.
   I remember, how you've made me cry couple of times when I was young due to extreme fright. You loved to scare us with your ghost stories and with your radio-in-its-maximum-volume's horror tales you wanted us to hear before going to sleep. However, those tears are nothing compared to the shed tears when God decided to took you in His arms again. It's certainly the saddest unplanned reunion we have had.
  You've received a lot of awards and recognitions but I guess, the greatest can't be held in your hand. They're held in your heart and mind.; they are the memories you've given us, the wisdom you've shared and the kind of family relationship you've imparted us. For all the spectacular contributions you have in our lives and by deciding to surrender your life to our ONE AND ONLY GOD, you were granted the most precious gift, eternal life and that simple fact reduces our bereavement.

Happy 2nd Birthday to the new you and happy 2nd anniversary of rejoicing with God!
We all love you and your memories will forever remain.

A little teary-eyed while smilin' above,

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