Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OPEN LETTER CHALLENGE-A letter to the Head of my faith [JESUS CHRIST]

To my forever DAD AND KING,

     The moment I accepted You as my ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR and THE ONE to take and rule over in my life, no problem is unsolvable, no struggle is unsurpassable, no pain  is unbearable, no fear  is  unconquerable, and no dream  is  unreachable. Truly with You, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
     Without you, I know life would be unimaginably harsher to me; no genuine happiness, no unconditional love, and of course, there will be no assurance of a wonderful life.
      People may think that I'm not a godly person. But I know for sure, I am making You feel how close I am to You. You're the first One to visit my mind whenever I'm worried, I have a problem, I'm happy and burden-free. I guess no one has the right to question my relationship with You because I know in my heart how deeply I trust and surrender my life to You and how I am touched and moved by Your faithfulness and  warmth.
     I don't know how You manage to listen to billions of people who ask for different things. Perhaps, I will never know how. Thus, thank You for the opportunity to have eternal life and be blessed by You. You never turn your back from me though I have failed you for so many times. You're always willing to grant me your forgiveness even I continue to do the same mistakes. You love me unconditionally though most of the time, I'm not worthy.
     I will forever exclaim that nothing compares to the love You have offered me. I will do my best to be Your submissive servant and living bible.

Your daughter and servant,

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