Friday, August 3, 2012

Eye Opener

As I was reading Raymund Narag’s article (, different thoughts haunt me and questions started to form in my head- What kind of authorities we have for making an innocent man suffer and fracture its reputation by accusing him to the crime that he didn’t do anyway? How come those who were appointed to protect the people suddenly took someone’s good future? I’m not really sure how misleading rule over that particular case and if it’s right to think that authorities practice injustices over justness.  What I have read today is a clear evidence that power separates people from acquiring integrity.  And that this kind of incident tolerates and pushes people to continuously perform crimes since persecution and acquittal are in the hands of the dominant and influential ones. [This is exactly why I’m into equity and despises those who are unfair].
Conversely, I awe Mr. Narag for maintaining his optimistic thoughts and holding into his faith in God.  And for doing what’s right even what he has gone through is a product of wickedness and narcissism , also for keeping his dreams and adding it with a vision to help and give others inspiration.  For letting people see and realize that nothing’s too late if what you only want is for everyone’s wellness.
I pray that this won’t happen again because no one deserves this more than those who are guilty, that authorities won’t commit the same mistake again and provide people just treatment. And lastly, I pray to God that more Raymund Narag would come out for a better human race.

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